Once upon a time there was a girl called Angel and Angel had a brother called Ben. One day Ben and Angel went to play but when they were playing they found a bright shinning thing.
Said Ben, ''Come here and look at this.'' Angel and Ben were too scared to touch it so mum shouted, "Diner!" When Angel and Ben went in they were thinking about it.

Chapter 2
When it was bed time and when mum went to bed, Ben and Angel got up and sneaked out the frunt door and it was windy, scary and dark. BEN AND ANGEL went to pick the glowing THING they saw the oler day. Angeil and Ben both picked it up at the same time and opened it and a little elf jump out!
Ben said, "Is that a pig? Wwwait is it a frog?"
"No," said ANGEL, "do not be silly Ben. It is an elf!"

Chapter 3

They said to the elf, "Can you make our wishes come true?"

The elf said, "yes I can". They didn't know that and they were so happy. They only asked for one wish and it was to have all they wanted and Angel and Ben lived happy ever after!

the end